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More confusion to do with Yamaha

Ok, so yesterday I post the response that Anthony gets from Yamaha that basically says 'We're not going to do TNR-i in the US'. Fine, we might not like it, but it is a definitive statement.

I then tweet a bunch of the Yamaha twitter accounts and get these responses:

TheYamahaHub Yamaha Corporation
@PalmSounds it'll be up the US store soon. The 'international' version (non-US) is on a different schedule and may already be up. ^JH

YamahaKeysUS Yamaha Keyboards
@PalmSounds There was a slight delay, but it should be up today or Monday for sure. ^JR

So, which is it? I'm confused now! Can anyone say if it has appeared in the US today? Perhaps we should see what's arrived by Monday?

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Duke said...

It's not in the US store as of this time. Yamaha seems scarily like the US government

Anonymous said...

dude, did u see this yet??


Tim said...

I saw a post from Yamaha Japan that said something similar to the above, that it's in review and should be in the US store very soon

Anonymous said...

Confusion?... c'mon guys, just wait a few weeks and it will available for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Huh? It just says they don't have a release date, not that it wasn't going to be released. I don't see a contradiction.

It would be kindof dumb if they announced a release date and ran into app submission trouble, so I don't blame them for not announcing a release date.