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Kinetic has a new look

Whilst I understand the whole idea of trademark infringement I don't think that Native Instruments really had anything to worry about from Kinetic. However, they didn't take that view so Kinetic has a new logo which doesn't look like NI's, and it's very nice.

kinetic - Erik Sigth

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HLindal said...

Yeah its very nice! I thing Erik Sigth´s apps all look amazing, Shape synth still being my favourite.

Tom TM said...

Yes, I too second that. I just wish ShapeSynth had memories, and an easier viewing GUI for when operating SS in daylight.

Tom TM said...

Just to follow up, I emailed Erik on the Sparrow developer forum. He was very approachable, and took the suggestions very seriously! Hooray!

I wish more developers would include an option to switch out of using psychedelic graphics, to make them easier to use in bright conditions. Then I could spend more time in this glorious sunshine! ;)

There's a very good freeware app for the Mac called "Sim Daltonism" that allows one to view in a window what someone with colour-blindness would see. It's worth using if you ever intend to do graphics that are going to be used for general public use.