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BassLine update

Nice update for this app:
  • Added 20 templates by Myagi (www.popandlockrecords.com)
  • Ability to switch between sessions without stopping
  • Opt-out from background audio
  • Support for MAPI/ACP pasteboard history
BassLine - Analog Modeling Synthesizer - finger

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Idiosynk said...

So impressed with this and Modrum. Not sure if it's a new feature of the update but you can now listen for core midi wireless connections and pass through the messages. I.e. Launch bassline on an ipad and listen for connections, launch sound prism pro on another iThing and make the connection. Then go to garage band/horizon(poor responsiveness with horizon here), nlog, nano studio etc. and play away... Core midi wireless without a mac. Shame there's no adhoc network on pad... Its the glue idevice core midi could have done with out of the box. Nice 303 sound too, plus modrum has a great feel /tweakable sound...