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Loopmash free arrives

A free version of Loopmash arrives today. Here are the details:

Take LoopMash for a spin today – with LoopMash Free LoopMash is an innovative virtual instrument that presents you with a fun, new way to blend simultaneously up to four two-bar loops together by juggling similar elements across looped beats and tunes. After having made its debut in Cubase, Steinberg’s renowned music production environment, it is now available on the iOS platform.This free version of LoopMash lets you choose from over 10 presets and 42 included loops to give you a taste of the full version and to enable you to test-drive this fascinating app. If you later want to save your presets and make use of the full LoopMash content, both features are available as a in-app purchase. So start mashing up loops like a pro, and give LoopMash Free a try today!Key features: - More than 42 addictive audio loops included- Over 10 presets to get you started right away- Full content and save preset functionality available as in-app purchase- Additional Content Sets available as in-app purchase- Intuitive 3-D swipe-page navigation - Load and play with up to 4 loops per scene - 8 scenes available per preset - 4 studio-grade effects for more sound control Languages supported: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Japanese Minimum system requirements: Hardware: iPhone 3GS & 4 or iPod touch 3rd & 4th generation or iPad (compatibility mode w/ scaled graphics) Operating system: iOS4 About Steinberg: In 1984, Steinberg was founded on an ideal: to help artists to make music in ways that put their creativity first, and using technology that almost anyone could afford. Constantly pushing back the boundaries of what is possible in digital audio, Steinberg has developed some of the most successful music products and technologies including Cubase, the world's most popular software for composing, recording and mixing music, VST and ASIO.

LoopMash Free - Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

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Tom TM said...

I threw away the other version of this app while trying to make space on my new iPhone 3GS last night.

I think the inability to import your own material severely compromises this app- unless perhaps if it's simply used as a time filler while on the train, or in the back of a car.....

.....but then I'd far want to be learning the ins and outs of Mixtikl or programming something with Nanostudio, like Stefan 'Antimon' Blixt did with his awesome set done on NS while on the boat between Denmark and Sweden!

Wouldn't you? :D

kidBaltan said...

you can always re-install it when/if it gets better.
I bought it on sale, took some nice samples of it,
for that use alone it was worth it to buy, cheaper than a sample cd
and maybe it gets better someday...

Anonymous said...

I hope so.. Steinberg *claims* (on the support forum) they are working on the ability to import your own loops, but we shall see..

Tom TM said...

Well that's good news then! :)

Then I may install it again. It was a lot of fun until the novelty wore off.

Since acquiring Nanostudio and ShapeSynth, I haven't felt the need for a lot of else! But it would be nice to mix those loops elsewhere.

Perhaps we have too much choice?

Listening to Antimon's stuff right now- it's really excellent if you haven't already given it a spin. All Nanostudio btw. :)


Anonymous said...

looks like they removed the app from the store. search doesn't bring it up, nor does the itunes links from google?

Marlene DeGrood said...

Not available in US store :(

Anonymous said...

No sign of any LoopMash anywhere :|

freesoulvw said...

Yeah it shows up in the app stores drop down spelling help thing both loop mash and loop mash free but when you select them it brings you to a bogus app search result.

Must have had some conflict with in app purchase upgrade to full code that needed to be worked out.