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Crystal Synth XT price drop

Dropped in price from $4.99 to $3.99.

Crystal Synth XT - Green Oak Software

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Anonymous said...

Great, $1 off... Now, how about an update that either adds polyphony or better yet, makes MIDI usable— terrible lag, as is.

2Anonymous2BeReal said...

Crystal Synth VST is free, can be used with any types of hardware controller, and is fully featured (polyphony, very low latency)

Crystal Synth IOS costs 5$...


Anonymous said...

It costs money do be in the apple dev program. Plus I´m guessing alot of work went into porting it.

2Anonymous2BeReal said...

"It costs money do be in the apple dev program."

Yeah that's a shame, 99$ every year if you want to keep your apps in the app store.

Good thing you are not required to use the app store if you want to distribute software for IOS.. oh yeah.. you can't.. you are required to use Apple's app store and nothing else.

Yeah that's a shame..

kidBaltan said...

Whats that about not enough space on the iphone for the
edit page, so they left it out?
So you can only play presets?
why they only have one page to fit everything on?

Anonymous said...

"you are required to use Apple's app store and nothing else"

Wich is a really good thing tho.

2Anonymous2BeReal said...

I forgot 2 mention that if you intend 2 sell your app on the Appstore 4 free, u dont have to pay anything to Apple at all. Sorry bout that.

But then I would deliberately forget because essentially I am an ignorant Apple-hating troll who loves to make out that this is Apple's fault. For once the developer thought he could make some money from all his hard work, because too many fuckheads like myself would prefer to pirate it instead of buying a copy.

Yeah Apple. It's a crying fucking shame! :(

kidBaltan said...

any buyers experiences?
is it just presets?

2Anonymous2BeReal4Real said...

@Fake2Anonymous2BeReal above

Really you look like an idiot trying to imitate me and for assuming I'm against people selling their stuff. I'm all for that. But I'm also all for being able to sell your stuff where you want to, not being forced to use the only outlet that exists.

I'm sure you'd love being forced to buy at WalMart and nowhere else for the rest of your life... or maybe you'd probably do that naturally, never questionning or wondering what exists elsewhere and just accepting what is being fed to you?

I guess you must believe Wireless syncing is a revolutionary thing Apple just invented? If you had looked in the "other" stores (like cydia) you'd have noticed such things have been available for years already.

Don't lie to yourself, you are all for the lock-down of your devices. Do you mind if I remove your administrator account on that computer of yours?

Anonymous said...

Forced?? Who is forcing anyone to do anything? Oh yeah sorry, now I remember, using iOS is now federal law. Apple has done the right thing keeping a tight grip on things in the early stages, you don't like it then go play with alll those incredible android midi apps. You expect q company to spend bllions on development, and then do things the open source way once you become interested in the products! Laughable and beyond delusional, devs are free to work on whatever they chose, no ones holding a gun to their head to develop in iOS. Cry baby