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More news from Yamaha

I got this tweet from Yamaha:

I'm probably more anxious that you guys! :-) As soon as I get the pretty email from Apple that we are live, I'll tweet ya. ^JH

Sounds promising.

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Anonymous said...

wow, a giant company appears to have real human beings in it. that's refreshing :-)

freesoulvw said...

Big ups to palmsounds and anyone else that questioned yamaha about their app store releases.

Thanks for fighting the good fight. Here's hoping we caught yamaha off guard and they had to hurry TNR-I through the app store review process for USA and Canada stores.

I thought it only takes about a week to get approved so if we see the app drop late then we might be safe to assume yamaha didn't even think about us until we started questioning them............(chalk that up to crazy conspiracy movies rotting my adolescent brain)

Anonymous said...

It's up on the US store! Just downloaded it. Finally!