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Response from Yamaha

Thanks to Anthony for getting this response from Yamaha:

Hi Anthony,

At this point in time we have no official release date or estimated time of arrival for the Tenori-On iOS app to hit the US Apple store. Information will be released as it becomes available and will be posted on one or both of the following sites:




Russ Hirota
PAC Division Applications Specialist
Yamaha Corporation of America
6600 Orangethorpe Ave.
Buena Park CA 90620

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brian said...

I got mine- i'm in France. Could somone tell me what's up with the bizarre frontier - country walling. I thought digital retail was world wide and a sort of revolution. Seems the old economy is still with us.

Jamie said...

Well stated Brian. Yamaha take my money, please.

kidBaltan said...

I see they removed all the spam from the forum.
If the support for a 1000 dollar device is bad
and was basicly abandoned
I can only imagine how it is for an app
sorry for the rant

And I love yamaha equipment, almost everything I own
of instruments is from Yamaha

brian said...

I was the happy owner of one great Yamaha product : the XT 500 mono thumper motorcycle. THAT was fine tuned !

Anonymous said...

Attention, pure speculation:

Since there are no technical difference between US and non-US apps, it can be only a legal reason or a strange marketing strategy. Don't believe the latter is true, but may be Yamaha is clever enough to understand what currently happens to many app devs who are selling in the US App Store: They become sued by patent trolls. Well, Yamaha would have deep enough pockets to pay decent lawyers, but may be they are fed up with the situation that Apple is (at least visible) not supporting their devs. Apple is providing a platform to devs which is in a certain way in the US no-legal to use. Don't believe? Read here: http://fosspatents.blogspot.com

Don't think that Yamaha *need* the US market for apps while this keeps vaild and Apple haven't fight back.

Anonymous said...

Yamaha should do an iGX-1 ;')

Anonymous said...

@anon I don't like patents either, but that's way overspeculating on way too little information. There are about a trillion other apps that are going to run afoul of patents before tenori on does.

If anything, I'd bet it would be within Yamaha's rights to go after the Tenori-On clones for patent infringement. But I'm hoping they have better things to do (like make apps and sell them).

Anyway, the tenori on app might just force me to buy an ipad. esp if audio export options are good (pasteboard/audiocopy/dropbox)...