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FL Studio Mobile coming in Android too

Good news for Android users. FL Studio is moving forward for Android too. Details here.

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2Anonymous2BeReal said...

Well of course it is! Android currently has the biggest smartphone marketshare. Any devs who wishes to make money has got to have its app on the platform with the most users.



Also FL Studio Mobile is the kind of app that works perfectly even in a high-latency setup.

Its good for them, and its good for everyone.

Timothy said...

Do you have a source for Android users app purchasing habits? Broadly speaking, Android developers do not make money on paid apps, and only a handful (Rovio) profit from free, ad-supported apps.

2Anonymous2BeReal said...


That is correct, IOS users spend more money per capita on apps than Android users.

Dj Agent M said...

I guess only the step time sequencer will help this app.

Anonymous said...

Look, I like android. I like my ipod touch. let's not go down this road again please...

Anonymous said...

2anon2bereal made the classic mistake of forgetting iPads and iPods when mentioning market share LOL..

I honestly think fl would be better off getting things perfected on iOS and let android continue to mature... can you imagine laying down beats on those pads with all that lag?

Milkytraker is out on android.. kinda.. horrible on my optimus, ok on the transform.. I'd LOVE to try caustic but damned if I can find it in the market or even just the apk for the demo around the internets..

I mean, if the FL people have a ton of money and devs and aren't that interested in ROI.. then go for it.. but, I'd certainly advise against wasting much time on android dev at the moment (for a tool like this which will have extremely high number of compatibility issues, high piracy because of price, a limited market because so
many countries can't buy $$ apps, and wont have the audio latency people have come to expect from using it on the desktop..)

just read the reviews for caustic to get a small preview.. hell, it's all I'm able to so apparently, even though all 3 of my android devices meet the requirements..

kidBaltan said...

that its synthstation compatible also helps I think...