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Megasynth now available (you probably know that by now)

Of course, MegaSynth has been released at last. I've had a quick play with the app, and it is amazing. I've only had a while to check it out, but I was really impressed with the 'experimental' bank of sounds, which sounded a lot like sounds from the old BBC radiophonic workshop. I just could help making myself a Dr Who incidental soundtrack. I may have to start making recordings of this stuff too.

Anyway, you can find Megasynth at the app store by clicking the button below. I think you'll this app.


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velocipede said...

The synth patching options look pretty basic, but I am interested in the arp, sequencing, chord and recording functions.
I wonder if sliders are better choices than knobs for Apps.

ashley said...

Sounds are great though !!!