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Stompvox for iPhone

Stompvox for iPhone reminds me of Pocket StompBox for the PPC from 4Pockets. StompBox has more effects I seem to remember. Anyway, the principle is just the same, a mic input gives you a range of effects and can be mixed together. Nice idea, I like the looper, but as with the PPC application, it would be nice to record to a wav file. Perhaps the stompvox guys could consider this in a future version?


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robman84 said...

One to keep an eye on I think. If it could match (or improve on) the functionality and low latency of Pocket StompBox it would be a very handy addition. At the moment it doesn't quite offer enough over, say, Guitar FX Deluxe, for me to get it.

ashley said...

I can see what you mean, but I do like the looper option in this app.