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On the train with Sunvox

I've been using Sunvox quite a lot lately and I'm really getting used to the tracker format although I don't think I'm using it to the full by any means. I'd love to see Sunvox on the iPhone but on of the big advantages with running it on Windows Mobile is being able to export.

This is the main area that apple needs to address on the iPhone. If music apps could share data in a simple and straightforward way the the iPhone would be a hugely product mobile music tool. I just hope that there's something in 3.0 that covers this.


formal said...

I can't wait for a tracker style app to arrive on the iphone. I've been craving one for 2 yrs now. LSDJ works (barely) using the gameboy emulator, but it's a far cry from being fully functional.

Ignatz said...

What winmo device have you been running sunvox on recently?

ashley said...

On an Axim x51. It is a good little machine, and plenty fast enough to run Sunvox.