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Ok, this is a bit off topic to be honest as the app is for the desktop, but as the article on Matrixsynth says, it does look a lot like Electroplankton. It also reminds me of Spore on the iPhone. I think that this should be an iPhone or Windows Mobile app really, perhaps one day it will be.

Microsia site here.

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robman84 said...

Demo is pretty cool. Very much like elektroplankton and there's an iphone app too it reminds me of.

This got me thinking though - what was that game where you have to use different devices to direct light at a target? You have lasers, mirrors, prisms to split the light etc. There's got to be huge potential to do a synth or sequencer based on something like that.

ashley said...

Not sure I remember that game, Can you remember the name of it?