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MotionApps 'Classic' limitations

MotionApps have posted some more information on their 'Classic' emulator for webOS which includes some of the limitations of the environment. One positive was:
Q: Can Classic run the native ARM code (a.k.a. ARMlets, PNOlets…)?

A: Yes, it can. PalmOS applications containing both 68K and ARM code will work in Classic without modifications.

Which I think is good news for apps like Bhajis, Microbe, and miniMusic apps.

However, this:
Q: What other restrictions exist in Classic, comparing to real PalmOS devices?

A: In addition to limitations described above, following PalmOS features are not supported in Classic:
· Access to built-in camera
· Access to external hardware devices through Bluetooth, serial or USB ports however access to network peripherals is supported
· PalmOS development tools, like POSE, Gremlins, debuggers and similar
· Audio/video codecs – due to licensing limitations there are no built-in audio/video codecs in Classic (e.g. MP3, MP4, AMR and others available on Centro).

Makes me wonder if there will be other problems?

I'm not technical enough to answer these, but if you know please comment in some thoughts.

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