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CDM latest iPhone round up

CDM have a good round up of news on iPhone apps and related interest. I hadn't noticed the FIRe app before reading this. It looks like a very polished recording tool.

FIRe at the app store:
FiRe - Field Recorder

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robman84 said...

I guess FiRE is a fairly specialised app. I'm a big fan of GigBaby for recording. For single track lo-fi I use Tapes, which is just retro-cool!

Glad to see there are still lots of releases, in spite of the pending 3.0 update.

Something interesting, by the way, is the FTP interface of Tapes. If you browse it in IE, you get your recordings as normal. But try browsing to it in Google Chrome and see what you get. VERY interesting!

Anonymous said...

FIRe doesn't appear to be working in 3.0. You should post something about this as it is currently the only app that works with SoundCloud.