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RecordStudio for the iPhone

This is a new 4 track app called RecordStudio. Here's what the developer has to say.
A day of joy! RecordStudio for iPhone and iPod Touch (2G) is available in the app store. Record up to four tracks of CD quality audio, use the built in metronome to find the perfect groove or import your own sound files and record additional tracks on top. Download your music also on the go through the integrated web-browser.
WiFi-sync your instrumentals and recordings. RecordStudio gives you totally new perspectives in living your musical creativity everywhere you go - For only $4.99.

I haven't tried it yet, but if anyone has any experience of it then please get in touch.

App store link:

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Unknown said...

heyho everybody..

I already tested "recordstudio" and it`s amazing.. you can record sounds and vocals so easily and in very high quality and the best thing is the "W-Lan Sych":

You firstly record some sounds. Then you just click on the "W-lan synch" button ( find it in "options") and you`ll have the Ip-number of your iphone displayed.
Next step is typing the ip number plus the port number into your web browser.

Now you can import and export the music / sounds directly on your computer.

my statement: Recordstudio rocks!!
arnesto aka dj krazykrate (www.instruementalities.com)

ashley said...

Thanks, I think I should give it a bit more of a look.