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I was working on a track in Sunvox this morning. I am constantly amazed at how flexible and powerful the app is. Today I was using the song editor or whatever it is properly called. Once you get into it the process for putting together a song is really simple.

I do hope that Sunvox makes it tithe iPhone as I think it is going to appeal to a lot of people who wouldn't have had access to it before.


NightRadio said...

Now i think, that 50% of SunVox porting done approximately. At least GUI works fine on my iphone :) Next steps are the sound, simple web-server for files exchange and some more interface optimization.

Ignatz said...

I've been looking for a smartphone with a good number of hardware buttons to run Sunvox. Will it really work on the iphone? Won't the gui elements need to be huge or totally re-thought?

ashley said...

Fantastic news about the progress on the iPhone port.