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NLog Synthesizer update on the way

Tempo Rubato are updating the excellent NLog synth. The updates are already submitted to Apple. Here's what to expect.

The sound will be brighter, fatter and more rich due to new new editing features:

- chorus
- distortion
- 5 additional more complex waveforms
- osc extended pitch range +/- 24
- sample & hold LFO mode
- silence osc by OFF waveform

Exchange of patches by email:

- export single sounds or complete bank
- copy embedded sound links to web pages for publishing patches
- click on embedded link in email or web page starts NLog for importing sound

GUI Improvements:

- save panel keeps name of sound when browsing the wheel
- save panel allows playing keyboard
- save panel open autmoatically with patch name in text box when sound was opened from email
- settings panel: performance params selector has now OK and Cancel buttons
- Osc1&2 mix now in more intuitive direction

Bug Fixes:

- Suddenly NLog stops making sound, only restarting NLog helped
- NLog continues to make sound after locking / switching off iPhone
- ...same after incoming phone calls or timer

NLog is available at the iTunes app store by clicking the button below:

NLog Synthesizer

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