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Jasuto for iPhone

Another new synth app has turned up, thanks to Erik for pointing me in the direction of Jasuto. This is a really interesting looking app.

Anyway, I'm going to give this a go in the morning and I'll let you know what it is like.

Jasuto modular synthesizer

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robman84 said...

It's a bit of a complex beasty. Clearly pushing the boundaries of processing ability of the iPod 1G, it currently has a noticeable lag. This is offset somewhat by inclusion of a sequencer.

I'm intrigued to see what is possible with the mic input, which is on one of the included patches to control volume.

I've only had a few minutes with it and my head sort of exploded, but with time I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun with this.

Pighood said...

Massive potential with this thing.

ashley said...

Massive potential indeed. I think I'll need to spend a lot of time getting my head into this. A manual would be useful.

robman84 said...

Hmm, I'm not convinced by the interface having spent a few hours with it this morning. Although I understand the whole "proximity" concept, it just doesn't always seem to work as it should, which is frustrating. I'd much prefer a straightforward "click on one port, then click another to connect them" interface. Sure, the "rubber banding" adds great flexibility in terms of modulation and values (albeit less than precise!) the frustration caused by the seemingly buggy auto-snap meant I just couldn't get it to do what I wanted. Short of connecting a mic to a speaker to get a lagged copy of the input I haven't achieved anything deliberately yet. Anyone else managing?

Chris Wolfe said...

@robman84, I'm the developer of Jasuto and just wanted to let you know that there are indeed some bugs with the auto-routing, this mostly has to do with an optimization in the line-of-sight code. I'm about to release an update that fixes this.

The next version will let you touch a wire to lock it to the currently connected ports, this should help with usability quite a bit.

For now you can usually get around this problem by manually disabling input ports that you aren't using.

As for the lag, have you messed with the latency setting in the System->Dsp menu? It's set to 4096 samples by default to help prevent underruns. You can get a pretty fast response when it's set to 512, but if the patch is fairly complex then you are going to run into some skipping.

As you can imagine this app is using every last bit of CPU power the iPhone/iPod has to offer. Hopefully with some more optimizations and reworking of the graphics system I can squeeze even more power out of it.

Anyhow, thanks for your interest in this!!

robman84 said...

Thanks for the reply Chris!

Yes, I've fiddled with the DSP settings. Managed to minimise underruns by making the keyboard opaque.

Looking forward to the updates and hope sales are going well. Happy to beta test at any time.


Anonymous said...

This is possibly one of the finest audio apps for the iPhone made to date.

I can't imagine what is coming in the next big update that could make it even better.