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NLog Synthesizer update: First Impression

I had a chance to play around with the latest version of NLog this evening to see what the new features are like. I have to say that I've been really impressed with it so far. Ok, 1.2 was building on a really firm base with NLog, it started off as an excellent app, but the latest version really does build on it in a big way. More soon.

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NLog Synthesizer

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robman84 said...

NLog is still my "weapon of choice" for playing with synth sounds. It could be the familiarity of the analogue synth interface, or maybe it's the modulation options. The new updates allow for some very fat sounds, that's for sure. Someone should set up a bank/patch sharing website for it (I guess it would have to email you the patches?).

In fact, someone should set up a website for sharing data from all of the music apps available :o)

the6thduke said...

NLog v1.2 is awesome. Again, I'm in agreement with robman84, and NLog for me, is fabulous for knocking up 'dreamt sounds' immediately.

Right now, with Jasuto also (a beautiful application), I don't really need any other synth app. :¬)

As for the website for sharing data, we can do that at electro-music.com 8¬)

ashley said...

I've had a brief look at electro-music.com but couldn't immediately see how to do that.

We used to have a .mac group but Apple have got rid of that functionality now which is a shame as it would have done the job very well indeed.

temporubato said...


I am planning to update my website with a sharing section for patches. But I am busy working on a new "sound designer's" version with more sound features and editing power. However, I you have something nice sounding, please email to me (address found on website). There is a free version (performance only, no editing) of NLog synth already scheduled to Apple in which a "user's lib" could be included...