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How do you use you iPhone apps?

Now that there are loads of useful iPhone music apps around and more being added daily, I thought I'd ask how you're using them?

Do you use apps with a recorder or on their own? Do you export samples and then bring them back into other apps? Or maybe you do something even more creative that I can't think of.

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robman84 said...

Mostly on their own, and then often I think, "damn, I wish I was recording that."

So I should really always run them through my Micro BR just recording everything and then pulling that into MeTeoR, but I'm yet to get fully to grips with the BR.

I could record straight into MeTeoR instead but the audio-in quality of my Loox PDA isn't as good as the BR's, and I can only monitor if I use a splitter such as my Belkin Rockstar.

Ideally there'd be an internal hardware process on the iPod/iPhone that would record the iPod's sound output to a digital wave file, bypassing any AD/DA conversion. If it could optionally mix that with the microphone input, it would also be useful for people who like/need to record their phone conversations.

formal said...

I use my iphone in conjunction with my hardware samplers. I have one good lofi sampler (Zoom Sampletrak) and a good hifi sampler/sequencer (Korg ESX1). Between the both using the iphone just feels like the comfortable middle man. I can store all my music I want to sample and use the "notes" application to keep track of the stuff I wanna sample later. Like wise I have Beatmaker filled with breaks and random samples from music, Noise.io, and other sources that I use for inspiration and a sketch pad. My iphone seems to be the middle ground when working with my hardware. I've mostly given up on the software approach to production and the iphone fills the void. I recently had my itouch broken accidentally by a friend, and within days I bought another idevice. Granted, I used my "reserve" music fund to purchase it, but that proves a point in the importance the iphone plays in my music creation process. Between the synths, samplers, and other music appz the money was truly spent. I honestly can't see the Palm Pre competing in any fashion.