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Every now and then I go backwards in the app store to see if there are any apps I've missed, and invariably there are always a few. This one passed me by and at first it sounded interesting. The developer's site says you can record up to 4 vocal tracks over an instrumental track running underneath and that there are lots of instrumental tracks to choose from.

Well it seems that isn't wrong, the app size is 498mb, which has got to be the biggest app I've seen for the iphone / touch. As a result I won't be trying this one out. If you do please let me know,

Studio App available on the iTunes App Store

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Anonymous said...

I bought this app a few days ago and i love it. With a good internet connection it only took a few minutes to download. The file is large, but its worth it for the amount of music your getting. Highly recommend it.

Anonymous said...

It sounded very interesting so I downloaded it as well. It took me about 10 minutes. I really like it so far. It is almost a bad thing because I am a student and I waste so much of my time now rapping over these instrumentals, haha.

ashley said...

Interesting comments. I didn't think it would go down as well as this.

Anonymous said...

Just got this app & it's KILLER!!!
Can't put it down...very addictive.
U gotsta try this!

HJKramer said...

I just tried the lite version for free. To me, its def. worth the file size. check it out...

Anonymous said...

Frustrating app to find information over it regarding the specifications.

The website of the creators is "in constructions", which is a pity, because it is not quite clear what you can do with this app. On internet I cannot find any review nor a video of someone using it. The only video is a 85 times watched add: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2oXxdkDDTE&hl=nl

From that video and some of the responses like from Scott K. above here it seems to me that it has a huge soundbank you can pick loops from to create hip-hop orientated music, over which you can do your vocal thing.

Not my thing. I don't like studio apps with only presets, which makes it no studio app as far as I am concerned. It makes it just too expensive too.

But yes, it can be much fun to use it with the cool loops of all kinds of producers over which you can rap.

Anonymous said...

There are no "preset loops" in this app. Its legit. You can import/export any WAV file you want. They have free instrumentals for you to use, but can you really just import anything you want. Its clear that Das Punkt has never used this app before....StudioApp the app store's best kept secret in my opinion. highly recommend