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Some news from Joash Chee

I got this comment from Joash Chee (developer of the Chordica app):
Just wanted to drop a note to inform you that I'm starting a compilation of number sheets that focuses on popular love songs over the years. I'm hoping to tie this in with Valentine's Day. The direct link to the song sheets is:


It should be noted that the compilation is ongoing and has not reached 101 love songs yet. :)

Some other related updates. I've submitted a 3rd app called Chord/Changer that places a handy pocket reference for folks who want to convert alphabet chord sheets into numbers. It's a free app and you can find the links and blurb at http://chordchanger.scorelessmusic.com

My first app, KeyFinder will be updated to version 1.1 soon. It will now include the ability to play along with the music on your iPod or iPhone, making it a logical choice to find the keys of the songs on your device itself. It also shows the relative minor keys now as a toggle on the Keys Display. These were the two major features that users requested. I've also changed the website so that the blurb page is at http://keyfinder.scorelessmusic.com

iphoneapppodcast.com did a video review which was quite cool. The guy said he only took '5 seconds' to figure it out. And 148apps.com did a fair review, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses but thankfully giving it an above average rating, and even said that Chordica may one day rival the likes of Noise.io! Woot! :)

We're working on an exciting, and major, revision for Chordica that I believe will showcase another possible 'revolutionary' idea when it comes to a musical instrument that's built from ground up as an accompaniment piece. Will keep you informed.

Joash Chee.

Thanks for the update Joash.

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