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MIDI Motion Machine for iPhone

MIDI Motion Machine is a new controller for the iPhone. Here's what the developer's site says about the app:

Tilt your iPhone/iPod Touch from side to side to control your MIDI capable software. As a bonus, MMM also has 16 note trigger pads that overlay it's accelerometer display. Trigger beats and samples while you tilt your iPhone/iPod Touch to control your sounds.
  • X/Y Tilt control of MIDI Messages. MIDI CC #'s are configurable from an easy to use Settings menu.
  • 5 user presets, selectable from the bottom of the screen, allow you to set up configurations for different software or to control many more parameters at the touch of a button. User presets hold information about MIDI Channel, and X/Y MIDI CC #'s.
  • 16 note trigger pads allow you to trigger sounds while you tilt to mangle those sounds in real-time.
  • X/Y MIDI Teach buttons allow you to easily configure your MIDI capable Applications that have MIDI Learn functionality.

MIDI Motion Machine available on the iTunes App Store

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