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Thanks to Sandro for posting this comment. It is great to hear stories of how people use mobile music technology, and thanks for pointing me at your blog too.
Pierre's story seems like mine! I'have been playng (real) electronic gear since early '80s, then Cubase 1 on '87 (the pc was a 386! only midi, but using a sound canvas pcmcia), and later hundreds of VSTis...finally I bought an IPAQ for a few euros (40). Thanks to Griff+Syntrax+Milkytracker, I succeeded in playing my music in the real world, and not, as always before, in my aseptic studio.
Your reviews, your blog, definitely focused my attention on mobile music... During the last 2 years I have been experimenting many of that solutions (PMA-5, palm/bahjis, wm5/meteor, sunvox, kaossilator, korg ds-10 and other homebrew soft etc.)! If you visit my blog (written in italian), you'll find the same gear/software that you've treated in your Palm Sounds...

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