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DSi coming to the UK 3/4/09

The third iteration of Nintendo's all-conquering DS console arrives on 3rd April, featuring...
  • Two touch screens
  • Two cameras
  • Built-in DSi web browser
  • Play download games
  • SD Memory Card

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robman84 said...

Looking forward to it. A bit disappointed about it being region locked as I travel to the USA a lot and get lots of my DS stuff there.

I hope they eventually allow full software to be stored on the SD card to avoid carrying a load of carts around. Maybe they can nail piracy somehow to pave the way for full priced digital downloads not just small apps. The killer for me will be the running of homebrew. Without a way to run cellds, glitchds, proteinds etc. it is a no go for me. Maybe the coders will port over to the DS "app store" that is coming.

Despite the negative press about it I think the dual cameras will surprise us once the devs get to grips with them. After all when the ds was announced everyone said "it's crap. Who needs 2 screens? Why a touch screen - it is a gimmick no one will use. The PSP will eat it. " and we all know how that turned out.

ashley said...

I agree. Some of that homebrew is excellent stuff and really makes the DS worthwhile. I think Nintendo would be stupid to get rid of it.