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What are you making?

I was on the train today, and, as usual I spent the journey making music using a handheld device. It made me think that all the people who read this probably do the same sort of thing on journeys, in the odd break here and there etc.

So, I wondered, 'what are you making now?' It'd be great to get a view on what people are making, what kind of music, what hardware, what software etc.

I spent my journey getting my head around Mixtikl and starting to use a bunch of loops to make a mix rather than just playing with the demo. It was fun.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to the recent discovery of your blog, I've just begun using an older Ipaq to create music. I currently own an Ipaq 3835, which given it's limited processor, works remarkably well. The OS is PPC 2002.

Thanks to your coverage, I've purchased Griff and downloaded Syntrax. I also have been playing with demos of Audio Box and Pocket Jam.

For years, I considered buying one of Yamaha's QY pocket devices. While they seemed very capable, the size and weight seemed to be a bit too much hassle. Also, I don't have a Midi interface on my PC so connectivity was an issue as well.

Imagine my surprise when I found that older pocket PCs could be purchased for very little money and the software was of very high quality and affordable too! I can't thank you enough for bringing these devices to my attention.

Once I come to terms with all my new toys, I'll gladly share.


Martin said...

Hi, actually Im doing some stuff for iziBasic right now. Or maybe more like surfing the web and digging for more info in the moment. I think I want to do some coding for some kind of music program, that would be nifty. Maybe because I was inspired creating music on the Palm with Bhajis and Sunvox earlier.

ashley said...

Thanks videkatten for letting me know about what you're up to. If you need any help with iziBasic get in touch and I'll help out if I can.

Anonymous said...

I drive everywhere so I don't do the train commute stuff so much... and I can't put an interesting software on my work pc so palm sounds it is!
At the moment I'm playing mostly with audiobox and meteor on a dell axim x50 which zips along at 520mhz. I tend to work from samples from my circuit bent stuff and coming up with the more rhythmic elements of tracks and then usually transfer stuff to my eeepc and jam over the top.
I'm getting into using the PC version of meteor in the early stages of tunes as It means I can work on stuff in the evening at home and then bundle it all onto the axim for lunch break the next day.
Other portable gear (all at the dulling edge of technology) includes;
Palm tx with bhajis and microbe, ninerpaint, randrum, beepo,etc
Zoom ps02...which still rocks
Zoom pfx9008 handheld fx
Homemade 3>1 passive mixer
Vltone (unbent)
Yamaha QY10 really bent up!
loads of other circuit bent toys

Anonymous said...

Oh and I ust got a gameboy pocket with camera of ebay for £6..it has a simple sequencer/synthesis app on the camera cart "trippy h" its got to be the cheapest way to get into pocket sized music making imho!

ashley said...

Wow, £6 !!! That's amazing.