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Mixtikl, more FX Networks

More Mixtikl on the train today (in to work late). You can get some really interesting combinations of effects by chaining things together in the FX network editor. Mixtikl is a very powerful and deep application, it feels like however deep you go there's always more settings and controls to use.

What I find really interesting is getting to grips with the workflow of different applications to see how they've been put together. I think it gives you an insight into how the developer thinks through these concepts.

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robman84 said...

I downloaded the trial but have found it very sluggish on my WM6 device (I think it is 400Mhz) so I got frustrated before doing anything useful. Good to see you are getting results with it!

I have to say, and I almost hate to say it, but I am starting to find WM6 (and WM2003SE on my Loox 7200) rather cumbersome in comparison to the iPOD Touch. Mind you, I hooked my Micro BR up to the Loox via USB last night and it worked like a dream, appearing as "Hard Disk" in the file explorer. So my multitrack recordings of me pratting around with iSHRED and Bassist on the iPOD were quickly transferred for detailed editing in MeTeoR on the Loox. A truly mobile studio!

Oh, and I've started one of these blog things and linked to yours. Hope you don't mind.

ashley said...

My Axim runs at 524 mhz, and even with that speed it does slow down when using the partikl editor.

Your Micro BR / Loox combo sounds very interesting.

I know what you mean about Windows Mobile and the iPod Touch OS.