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Mixtikl and MIDI files

I spent some time using Mixtikl with MIDI files today. Bringing them in and layering them together. Quite good fun and good quality results on the whole.

Mostly I was using MIDI drum files to make layered beats, but so far I haven't altered any of the sounds using Partikl. I might give that a go tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

It says here (option 7: http://www.intermorphic.com/tools/mixtikl/doc/mUG_Common_Options.html) you can also use another DLS Wavetable in Mixtikl, which is neat if you have access to an even better Wavetable than the one included :). That would be good maybe for MIDI loops in mixes or using the Player app on a mobile for MIDI file playback.

ashley said...

Thanks for pointing that out.