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Looptastic for iPhone

When I saw this on the app store I wasn't too impressed, but then I watched the video and I'm quite tempted to buy it now. The downside (as I see it) is that there are only 10 tracks / songs you can play with. Still, it may be worth it.

If I do I'll write a bit about what it is like.

Looptastic Electro Edition available at the iTunes App Store

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Anonymous said...

I think it said that there are 10 packs of 10 loops which would make 100 loops total. That's a lot.

ashley said...

Fair comment. That does change things a bit really. I may well give in and take a look at it now.

Anonymous said...

This is just version 1. I'm sure it will evolve into much more eventually. It is ten construction kits containing ten loops in each.