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TechnoBox first impressions

I've only had a brief amount of time to play with this app (no change there then), but so far I've enjoyed it a great deal. In many ways this app competes with the likes of Randgrid, DB303 and BassLine, but I'm not going to compare the three of them in this post.

I like the interface for technbox. It is clean and simple and easy to get to grips with quickly. The multitouch reminds me of BassLine (trying not to compare) it makes it very easy to change synth settings rapidly using multiple controls. I think that this app will be lots of fun to use when I get a bit more time to use it. The sound quality was fine too.

More about this one later.

techoBox available on the iTunes AppStore

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Anonymous said...

What's next up for this app? Doesn't seem to have been too much doing with it of late

Marc Bestgen said...

Sound is of good quality, controls are great, interface easy. I like it. Insanely good for performances. I'd love a record performance and upload via wifi on wav but there isn't. Marc Bestgen