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Still thinking about the mobile studio

In my old post from almost two years ago I was using a trusty Tungsten T3, and a Zoom PS-04.

It strikes me that in two years nothing that much has changed really.

What I'd like to be able to do is just have one device that really does give me the ability to do all the things I need to in one place. I was beginning to think that the new Treo 800w would fit. My reasoning goes like this:
  • Windows Mobile will run MeTeoR for multi-tracking
  • WM will run AudioBox and Griff for synthesis and sequencing
  • StyleTap will sit on WM6 and run Palm Apps like Bhajis, Microbe and some minimusic applications too
  • MixTikl will come to WM6 and will give the ability to make music on the device and then move it back and forth between the device and the desktop
  • TrakAx Mobile will sit in their so I can make videos using the on board camera and add my music to them
  • I can still use it for all those PIM functions plus it has wifi and GPS to boot.
So, why is this not going anywhere? Well, first off I'm still waiting for the Treo 800w to come to the UK. Secondly, the iPhone platform is where all the attention is at the moment and if apps like MeTeoR, TrakAx mobile, and Griff come out for that platform I think I'd rather be there.

So, I am stuck waiting for things to happen.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! IMO despite the hype, the iPhone platform is a non-starter for "serious" applications at the moment, mainly due to the T&C in the SDK license. This is going to stop serious apps from being brought to the platform, until (if?) Apple sorts it all out. The sandboxing issue is the other huge problem for audio/video tools. What about Android? Not until they allow you to write/deploy 3rd party apps in C++... Windows Mobile and Symbian is where to stick for now; open platforms that let software happen.