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What's next for NinerPaint?

I have a couple of animation apps on my Treo 650, but my favourite is NinerPaint. In fact, the Palm Sounds logo was made with NinerPaint.

I'd love to see NinerPaint develop into a fully fledged media app that allowed you to add sound files to your animation and export as .avi or .mov, and maybe one day that will come about. However, development has been slow on NinerPaint to date, and the last update was in July last year.

The developer has been hard at work on another app (NinerPad) for a long time now, but that has been released so perhaps we might see a new version of NinerPaint with some new features too?


Alexandre Rousseau said...


Alex (author of ninerpad and ninerpaint) here. I've been considering resuming work on NinerPaint for a while, but I hesitate to dive in. The Palm market... is that still alive?

I was pleased however to hear of the release of the TreoPro, so there's hope, still. I'll wait and see what the pundits have to say about Palm over the next few weeks. NinerPad (the new app) is very stable now, and a couple more releases (2 per month, on average) and I'll take a stand on the pad.

On a sidenote, I've also been considering going the iPhone way, with Android a distant third (that, mostly because of I am not clear about Android's business model).


Mb said...

I was trying out flipbook, for the ipod touch, over the weekend. Its a really well designed app, maybe needing some additional drawing tools, such as shapes and fill, but it shows the potential for using a touch screen for this type of app.

ashley said...

Thanks for the comment Alex. I think your kind of apps would be excellent on the iPhone platform. I think both NinerPaint and NinerPad would easily make the transition.

Thanks to Mb for the pointer to flipbook. I'll take a look at that.

Anonymous said...

I think that this one is dead now

Unknown said...

Alex! I'd be the first in line to buy NinerPaint for my Android Samsung Note 3! NinerPaint on my Palm was my favourite and most used title, and now that there's a phenomenal stylus enabled device running Android I think NinerPaint would be a dream come true! All the best in your endeavours! You're a talented person!