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N>Trans / N>Trans Pro

Thanks a bunch to Jack for finding this and posting it to the Palm Sounds Group. Prior to this interface the only one I was aware of was Core Audio, which is really expensive, whereas the N>Trans is a lot less (although still expensive).

There appears to be one retailer in the UK, and the N>Trans comes out at £281 including VAT, which is a lot considering that's probably more expensive than the device itself. It'll be interesting to see who is interested in this device and if it lasts.

Irrespective, thanks to Jack for pointing it out.

Join the discussion on audio interfaces at the group.

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Unknown said...

God- isn't that N>Trans gorgeous! (sigh) Well, money does buy nice things.

Thanks for the help man. Oh and Bhajis Loops (via styletap) is running sweet on my windows pda!

ashley said...

Glad to hear that BL runs well in styletap for you.

I keep thinking of how I can justify the money for an N>Trans!