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phaseArray: What next?

phaseArray's Corrosion plugin for Bhajis Loops has been in beta for a long time now (since April in fact). I haven't seen any updates to it as yet, nor any other plug ins either, so I wonder if there are going to be any updates, or if it will make it out of beta?

Let's hope so, I'd be sorry to see the only independent plug in for Bhajis vanish. In fact, what I'd love to see is phaseArray selling a whole bunch of plug ins for Bhajis (and maybe Griff too!).

So, what would you be prepared to pay for pay for a Bhajis plug in?


Martin said...

A few more plugins for Bhajis would be great.... I'd be prepared to pay between 5-10$. A leslie rotator or a speaker simulator would be great.
In all honesty paying 27$ for Bhajis felt like I was ripping Oliver, the developer off, it's such a great program.

Martin said...

Okay, I just found the AudX plugin CuteDog in Bhajis Loops.... and it's a rotary speaker!
Oliver really has covered most bases

Martin said...
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Martin said...

Okay... here's a better plugin idea for Bhajis Loops.

Controller effects to change other plugin parameters. Like Control Voltage on the old modular systems. LFO's, Envelope Followers, Sample/Hold etc.

Lots of VST plugins do this now a day. See Audio Damages Automaton or Replicant. Ableton Live's Beat Repeat. Or Native Instruments Guitar Rig which has an awesome implementation via it's Modifiers.

Just an idea...

ashley said...

Martin, I really like your ideas for Bhajis plug ins. I hope that the guys from Phase Array are reading this and pick up on the ideas.