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iDrum for iPhone video

It does look very cool actually.


superjohan said...

It IS pretty cool, interface-wise. Lots of polish all around and very fun and intuitive to use. The on-board sounds are pretty good too.

But still, not very useful, you can't load your own sounds (yet?) and no effects except panning and volume.

I wonder if they're gonna do anything else with the app? It's a lot more fun to pick up and use than for instance Beatmaker, but so very very limited in scope!

velocipede said...

I mostly agree with superjohan.
The interface is slick, fun and intuitive.

Pattern sequencing is limited to 16 pattens, one pattern at a time. However, that may be plenty if you are just trying to sketch some ideas. With midi and audio file export and the ability to add your own samples, it would be much more useful. (File compatibility with the desktop iDrum would be very useful for iDrum owners.)

It has one key feature that Beatmaker still lacks—the ability to pan different sounds.

I am glad that I got one of the iDrum pod versions. It suits different moods and needs than BeatMaker.

velocipede said...

According to Art Gillespie, the original iDrum developer, syncing with the desktop iDrum will be available in the near future.

"With iDrum for iPhone, you can do full round-trip editing of beats–including sending samples back and forth–with iDrum (desktop) for Windows/Mac"

He actually believed that the feature was already online, but then noted that a desktop iDrum update has yet to be put on the Izotope site.

From CDM

This will be a real boon for iDrum users.