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Noise IO for iPhone coming soon ...

Coming soon, another music making application for the iPhone / iPod Touch: Noise for iPhone

I got the info from Amidio (the developer) today, and it does sound very interesting indeed. Here's the highlights

  • High quality Noise/Sound effects synthesizer for iPhone OS 2.0
  • The first synth for iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Superb quality of sound, comparable with hardware synths
  • ESFM synth technology
  • All sounds can be synced or re-synched to BPM in no-time with the TapBPM function
  • Immediate on-screen preset choose menu
  • Instant jump between the Editor and the Control Surface
  • On-screen slider for immediate volume changes
  • 3 Generators, 1 Filter, 2 LFO, Trancegate, FX: chorus, phaser, flanger, stereo delay
  • 9 Preset Banks, 9 presets in each (total 81 presets)
  • Impressive set of factory presets that will allow immediate insanity!
  • Intellectual Randomize preset function for those who are lazy
  • Friendly user interface
  • Making your own noises is easy and fun
  • Control Surface allows real-time noise playing
  • 3 Control Axis: Up/Down (Y), Left/Right (X), In/Between (distance between fingers during Multi-Touch)

Any synth parameter can be assigned to Control axis
Extensive use of the iPhone interface advantages (finger sliding, multitouch, etc.)

Looks really interesting, and according to their site it is due on the 25th of August. So, here's to yet more music apps on the iPhone platform.

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