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Opera Mobile 9.5 beta and flash for mobile devices

Whilst I was a away for a week a while back I used my Dell Axim for wireless access for email etc and gave Opera Mobile 9.5 a try out. I was very impressed with it as a PDA browser, and I think it will be an excellent application when it comes out of beta.

So, what's this got to do with mobile music? Well, I'm glad you asked. As far as I know the final version will have flash support, which could open up all sorts of possibilities for mobile music. Here I'm thinking of flash apps like hobnox Audiotool

Things like this would be wonderful on a mobile device, and extend the functionality of existing devices.

In addition, stand alone flash apps have been around for a long time, and Sony Palm OS devices used to have their own flash player. I've included a couple of videos of flash apps running on a PDA at the end of the post.

So, I think I'll be watching Opera Mobile to see how they get on.

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