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Casio VL-80 on eBay

I just found this on eBay. Very rare indeed.

The notes from miniorgan.com are as follows:
Hey, does anybody in the world know about this little freaky machine? This is the one and only calculator with a “Vibrato” switch. And look at the keyboardlike keys. With a shift key you can play the “halfnotes”. Has a built in sequencer - so this is maybe the smallest programmable keyboard of the world. Special Thanks to Alfakom from Denmark!

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Oscar B said...

I thought this was the calculator Kraftwerk used for Pocket Calculator, but I was wrong. However, they did produce a Kraftwerk edition of the VL-80:


If memory serves, I had one of these in the early 80's. The page I linked to has a sound sample, which shows how rudimentary it sounds.

ashley said...

Thanks a bunch for this, I had no idea that they had a specific one made for them!