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Noise.IO Synth is delayed to September

Noise.IO synth has been delayed until September, which is a disappointment as I was really looking forward to playing with it. Here's what their site says:

Instead of 25th August, Noise.io will be released a bit later - in September 2008.

We are really very very sorry about that.

We have to postpone the release due to the following reasons:

• We've introduced several huge features (such as Zones, Sequencers and many more) that were not mentioned in the initial press-release, so we're having a tough time finishing them.

• We still haven't solved a minor legal issue with Apple.

Please be assured that we're working very hard in order to make Noise.io the synth of your dreams. At the moment we can say that people will be able to use it not only for noises and sound effects, but for melodic sounds as well. In several days, we will publish the complete function guide.

I like the idea that they are adding new stuff like sequencing etc, but the "minor legal issue with Apple" thing does bother me a lot, especially because of the issues that other developers have cited as their reasons for not developing for Apple's iphone platform.

Let's hope that this isn't anything serious though.

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