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Air Drummer for iPhone

Another iPhone app appears today. They seem to be coming along very regularly now. This one is called "Air Drummer". Here's the description:
A new way to play drums on the iPhone. Flick your iPhone like a drumstick and the accelerometer detects your hits. Hold pads and flick to play drums. Kick drum plays without pad. It will take practice to be able to play and not look at each button. Use Edit mode and swipes to rearrange the pad layout to fit your hand. The lock button prevents unintended mode changes during play.

This is only version 1.0 with more features, tweaks and better drumkits on the way. We will try to incorporate user requested features with each release. Skilled players can use a pair of iPhones simultaneously to simulate a pair of drumstick.

The listing on app store points to this site, but when I looked there was no information on there about the app at all, so I guess it will come along in time I hope!

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