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Milky Tracker Android port

Many thanks to Vintioremnovacks who posted this comment about a new port of Milkytracker to Android. More info and screen shots here.

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Vintioremnovacks said...

seems to run pretty stable on my intercept, been loading some .xm's into it and they've played flawlessly. the keyboard support seems a bit wonky (it doesn't match up pc style) so i haven't been able to make much music on it (my screen is too small for real navigation.) PS- it's me transient! :)

Formal said...

Transient, I still listen to your bhajis tracks :)

No idevice for you?

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is the same thing I tried after it was linked to from the renoise forums but I found that pretty unusable. Excited to see if this is any different.

Anonymous said...

It seems to be getting better, but usability still has a ways to go.

1. Doesn't seem to take keyboard for note input (pretty big part of what makes a tracker fast). It also doesn't take advantage of android buttons (menu / back / search). Volume buttons seem to enter notes?

3. Lag is still not great (even by android standards)

4. Interface is too tiny for fingers. This is hard to solve with a direct port, maybe an android-centric fork is in order? It's not like the main version is being iterated much these days...

Like the idea of a tracker for my android phone, this has still got a ways to go before I'll be able to finish a song on it.

Vintioremnovacks said...

yes, i agree with everything said above here. it does the same thing with my keyboard (doesn't correctly use my keyboard for what i want it to do, ie what it would do on pc.) but otherwise if it would eventually do these things i could see it be fairly useful. definitely not a finished product, but has potential if it's worked out properly.

and no idevice for me. never been a big apple fan. i've kinda moved away from my mobile music obsession, but if i ever do get the itch, bhajis still scratches it to perfection and i still have 3 or 4 palms lying around :) hehe