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iShred Live adds Griffin Stompbox Support

Haven't heard much about the Griffin Stompbox for a while, and now iShred Live adds support for it directly. The Stompbox is a little late as Griffin's page says it should have been available Q1, but it sounds like it could be on the way now.

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Anonymous said...

ya know what would have been awesome?

If Griffen would have added a 1/4 inch cable input in the back of the stompbox...

kidBaltan said...

If anyone of frontier reads this;
please add the option in the ishred live recorder
to actually record ishred live live.

Frontier Design Group said...

Hi kidBaltan,

Not quite sure what you are asking for, could you explain what it is you want to do and/or what iShred LIVE isn't doing?


Frontier Design Group said...

After thinking about it I suspect you are wanting to navigate to the effects screen while recording on the iPhone. You can already do this on the iPad.

I'll work on adding that capability to the iPhone as well.