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Yes you want the sounds of a BBC Micro on your iPhone

Which is handy as Pixelh8 is cooking one up right now. You can read about it at his site, and if you just can't wait for the release then all the samples are available too.

Who could ask for more?

Clip to Evernote


Anonymous said...


I'm going to make a beatmaker kit of the sounds and upload them - I'll post the link here

Anonymous said...

I made four beatmaker kits with the sounds and gave Pixelh8 complete credit.





Anonymous said...

Thank You for posting the beatmaker kits- after playing with the sounds in Beatmaker and Gliss- I have to say that Matthew C. Applegate is someone that I will be watching out for and discussing in the future - I've been having a blast with the sounds and that was very awesome of Matthew to distribute them for other creatives.

btw- I don't know Mr. Applegate personally and didn't check out his bio before grabbing the samples- but after playing with them in Beatmaker II, Gliss, Ableton- I had to find out who was behind the sounds. I hope I can ascertain some more rare tones and circuit bending samples to play with.


drop some of the sounds in sampletoy, Curtis Heavy or another Granular Synth for some instant circuit bending/fourtet'ness.