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NanoStudio 1.2 Win/OSX versions out

You can take a look at what's coming in the next iOS version of NanoStudio with the Windows and OSX versions which are available here, and only a couple of weeks left to go until the iOS version lands in the store.

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Tom said...

"NanoStudio is an advanced mobile music making app for iPhone and iPod Touch. It will also run on the iPad using 1x/2x zoom mode."

Boooooo!! :(

"The forthcoming V1.3 update will be a Universal app with native support for iPad."

Hooray!! :D

Great to see it coming there Blip! :)

Tom said...

Nice update! The interface has a far better workflow now, and is on par with the workflow in beatmaker 2- ie it seems more logical (to me anyway).

Probably not the best place here on Palm Sounds to add beta input, but I might be a cool thing to add the songs that won in that recent compo as new demo songs within the app, as the existing NS ones are a little long in the tooth now?

formal said...

RetinaPad in cydia store $1.99.

Forces apps into retina resolution. No more jaggies :)

I suppose ya'll will just find something else to complain about though....

Jaybry84 said...

Formal, some people don't wanna jailbreak their phones. Why they don't want to, I don't know. I, for one, like having great, useful features a year before Apple decides it's okay.

Robert said...

It's not so much about the jaggies, it's that NS as is was designed for 3.5" and not 9.7" so it's still not as useful as it would be native. Those Android tabs that blow-up the phone app interface to 7 inches are still not proper tablet apps IMHO.

Take a look at Xenon on the App Store for a prime example, the iPad layout is significantly more useful than the phone version.

Knowing blip's excellent work so far, I think he's gonna knock it out of the park again when we see the proper iPad version, and it will be worth the wait.

johnnyg0 said...

Apple should hire the Retinapad guys and integrate their tech in IOS. 2X apps can be really ugly sometimes... for some reasons the ads in 2X looks very good :D

kovsky said...

why I dont want to jailbreak my ipod is because
every time I visit an ipot forum the pages are filled with
people having problems related to jailbreaking,
so at least I would have to learn all those terms to fix it