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Korg Monotribe Sonic LAB Review

johnnyg0 says that this is a better video review that the one I posted earlier, and as I haven't posted this one before I think I'll give it a try.

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iLpD said...

Yea this is a great review in my honest opinion.

The guy is not just a good professional reviewer but also a great synthesist and synth gear master.

I learned alot about Monotribe from this review

johnnyg0 said...

Thank god for the Flux button.

Before I thought the Monotribe sequencer forced quantization. The Flux buttons bypasses quantization so it records exactly what you play. This thing is going to be great.

BTW the other review was good too, but Sonic Lab always makes great reviews.

freesoulvw said...

Where the promo code give away for a monotribe? ;) just kidding. A beat maker code will do just fine I'm not greedy :)