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And another mention for PalmSprak

O know I've mentioned this quite a bit now, but it is a lot of fun and after all it is the Palm Sounds version of the awesome little noise app Sprak. It's still up on the app store, and is still only $0.99

PalmSprak - Tinker Team

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stefan said...

I was just wondering. I love the original Sprak, does this one sound considerably different. If so I would probably get it. I know it is a dollar but damn these apps have taken quite a bite out of my account. Many I have purchased to never use after I get it. I am trying to slim down. I am not complaining, it is just the truth.

johnnyg0 said...


For me its not even about the price anymore, its about the clutter. I have too many apps that I don't use, and I have too much of them in my face when I just want to use 1.

(generally talking)

stefan said...

Copy that. some of them are so amazing. So I am not judging but yes I need to clean house sometimes as well.

kidBaltan said...

sorting apps by making maps helps a lot.

johnnyg0 said...

"some of them are so amazing."

That's the problem, too much of them are amazing, and I only have two hands and one brain :)