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FiLMiC Pro on sale ($0.99) plus details of the app

I only found out about this from a post in the forum, and it does look really so I thought I'd share it with you as it is on sale this weekend for just $0.99. Here's app's details:

FiLMiC Pro is THE Filmmaker’s App. A dedicated video camera app that enables users to take their mobile cinematography to new heights by asserting as much manual control over camera functions as possible.


Rock solid, two hand, thumb based control bar. Designed by filmmakers.


More ways to personalize your shooting method than any other video camera app. Combined with the lockable control buttons and you have complete control of your shots.
  • Double Reticle Mode: two separate adjustable reticles for spot sampling focus and exposure.
  • Single Reticle Mode: a center fixed positioned spot sampling reticle for both focus and exposure.
  • Full Frame Mode: samples both both focus and exposure from the entire frame.
  • Variable Frame Rates (1-25 and 30fps) including both the US (24p) and European (25p) film production standards.
  • Four Selectable Resolutions (iPhone 4 or 4th Gen iPod Touch).
  • Framing Guide Overlays (4:3, 16:9, & 2:35.1).
  • Thirds Guide for composition.
  • Audio Metering.
  • Color Bars for Post Production.
  • Film Production Style Slate for syncing with an external audio system or multi-camera shoots, and adding info to inform your editor or organize your clips within the clip library.
  • DropBox
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook
  • FTP Server
FiLMiC Pro - Cinegenix, LLC

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