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SampleLab update

SampleLab updates. Here are the details:
  • MIDI note, beat, clock & stop/start output
  • New FX: Reverb
  • New Sample Browser w/ Category & Composition filters
  • Expanded MIDI controller support - changes made to support Akai MPDs, and Korg Nanopad, without any configuration. Support added for Keith McMillen SoftStep w/ preset file @ http://samplelabapp.com/support
  • Updated Graphics
  • Many other tweaks per user request. Thanks for your suggestions.
Sample Lab - fotoh LLC

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freesoulvw said...

Damn. That review is not that confidence inspiring. I have been watching this app since it was released and have not yet picked it up. I have watched a couple of videos on YT but I was waiting for more users to respond and tell it like it is. I always liked to watch as many examples as possible so I can see the potential an app has. I want to buy so many apps but I have to budget myself and I heavily rely on user reviews and YT videos to help me prioritize my future purchases. I hope the developer can get the bugs sorted the videos I have seen make this app look promising I just wish they would add more. YT is a great way to get free publicity and I don't understand why more videos for apps don't get made along with links added to the apps description. That's my take.

matthew bennett said...

I had SampleLab before and after this update. It's good! I'm fairly productive with it for making quick beats, and for live playback. I wish it had realtime recording and effects per "drum". And it doesn't do swing, I guess...

I have a first gen Krog NanoPad, and it doesn't seem to work with the new update, which is a little disappointing.

But really, it's an interesting app for sample based beats.