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Amos Ipad app. with Modular synthesizer

Amos: Another MIDI OSC Source - Anything Honest

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Unknown said...

I actually made a vid with this app, but didn't upload it.
You can program a different midi channel for each ball.
5 balls.
I midi'd up both my iPads and had Modrum, Nlog and Bassline Bouncing on Amos at the same time!

Finger Midi and audio Backgrounding Rules Point Blank.
Yep thats what I call it "Finger Midi"!
Solid as a Rock.

Anonymous said...

Beat, let's see the vid!

Unknown said...

Will Do then. I'll up it tomorrow.
I couldn't get anything musical out of it really, but its mad fun to play with.
Its worth a look see.

Tom said...

Wouldn't it be cheaper just to use sample and hold? :?