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Wait list update

I thought I'd put up another wait list post today to see what was still on the way in. Here's what I've got, let me know if there's anything I've missed.
  • Tympanum from miniMusic
  • FL Studio Mobile
  • Jasuto Studio
  • BeatMaker 2 iPad update
  • iSequence 3
  • Horizon Synth
  • Thumbjam chord update?
  • Isle of Tune!
  • SoundGrid Live
  • loopseque mini
  • Nano Studio iPad update
  • SampleLab update supporting Korg nanoPad
  • Akai Synthstation 49
  • iElectribe with sampling (maybe)
  • Any news from Amidio?
What did I miss?

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Anonymous said...

Sonoma studio track 2 Is the software that more than any other look, it seems strange that nobody talks about it but for jotting down ideas with guitar and voice is the best way.

freesoulvw said...

I have bought almost all the apps from the b-day list and just recently started spending a whole lot of my time on palm sounds. I found this blog from another great blogger iOSmusician. I have pretty much just been using the iPad only apps and now am working my way to the iPhone apps to run on my iPad(it's my only iOS device). I picked up nano studio because the people I talked to said that I should get that before beat maker. Now I have to wait and save up for beat maker next. Thanks to these two blogs palm sounds and iOS musician I am starting to get way serious in my iPad music. Thanks for all your updates they keep me playing.

freesoulvw said...

Just a comment on Jasuto- I am so amazed at this software every time I open it up I have to sit for five minutes and think about the genius mind that coded that great piece of work for us. It is truly a modern marvel in my eyes. I can't wait for the studio to get up and running. I feel almost blessed(without trying to sound cheesy)to be able to experience all these completely awesome synth apps on my iPad. The iPad and these developers have taken over my life/brain to a point where this stuff is all I think about. It's great ;)

Tom said...

I would KILL for an external input option for iMS-20 so that an external signal could be fed through the External Signal Processor. Please Korg!!!!

Anonymous said...

What about Hokusai? I'm looking forward to trying that then it comes out.